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Virtual Graffiti Wall
Virtual Graffiti Wall


AIR Graffiti is an innovative and exciting software that lets participants easily create digital graffiti using a laptop, projection screen, and infrared spray cans.

When the guest presses on an infrared spray can, the infrared light is tracked by the computer to create a vibrant, colorful drawing. Afterwards, the graffiti can be printed as a photo, shared on social media, saved as an electronic file, and saved as a video of the drawing process. The guest can choose colors to spray, use stencils, or apply specialized painting methods. Air Graffiti also includes backgrounds and branded covers, so you can easily add your logo or a customer’s logo for giveaways.


Interactive Graffiti Wall
Interactive Graffiti Wall

Why Air Graffiti?

  • No annual fees, no revenue share — just Pay Once, and the software is yours for life.
  • Unique, cutting-edge activity for any event.
  • Huge ROI: rental fee is around $1500 – $2000 for up to 4 hours.
  • Free and unlimited technical, sales, and marketing Support.
  • Developed by Boaz Telem, known for his dedication to quality and innovation.
  • The Most Popular digital graffiti software in the world today.
  • Receive leads from us, we will add you to our AIR Graffiti rental locations map.


AIR Graffiti Wall
AIR Graffiti Wall

Product Parts (Hardware / Software)

  • AIR Graffiti Software license for life – 4950$ [We Supply]
  • Infrared Webcam – 195$ [We Supply]
  • Infrared Graffiti Spray Cans – 89$ [We Supply]
  • Rear Projector Screen / Enclosure
  • Laptop
  • Short Throw Projector
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Dye Sub Photo Printer
  • Digital Camera


AIR Graffiti
AIR Graffiti @ the event

Product Features

    • Multi user can spray at the same time
    • Accurate drawing
    • Background photo
    • Green screen backdrop photo
    • Collect users emails
    • Branded cover
    • Cool stencils
    • Cool stamps
    • Rich color palette
Green Screen Graffiti Before
Green Screen Graffiti Before
    • Cool air-sol spray sound effect
    • Support size / blur / alpha
    • Draw shape (square,circle,line,fill)
    • Erase draw
    • Undo & redo
    • Clear wall
    • Print the graffiti photo
    • Share the graffiti photo on Facebook
Green Screen Graffiti After
Green Screen Graffiti After
  • Send the graffiti photo to your email
  • Save the graffiti photo
  • Save drawing process to video
  • Advanced settings to remove unused buttons
  • Support IR and interactive technology (2 in 1)
  • Count back timer
  • Auto save options
  • No Operator Mode
  • And many more features…


Digital Graffiti Wall
Digital Graffiti Wall

Maintenance & Support Features

  • List Of recommended hardware brands.
  • Comprehensive training manual and videos.
  • Free phone and email support.



  • Includes 1 year of upgrades. optional renewal at 450$ a year.
  • Out-of-area training/support not included

Here at Footoomaster.com we have developed this wonderful digital graffiti product! It is such a fun and interactive tool for creating and modifying your own digital graffiti wall or also known as “virtual graffiti wall” on your own screen.

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