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Flipbook Overlay Feature @ BMW Event

The new overlay feature for Video Flip Creator Version 7 made its first appearance at a unique BMW event. This highly promising feature allows you to load a transparent png file overlay over the guest and background. When Lars told me he was going to send me the link to the video, I couldn’t wait to see it in action.

The video Lars sent was really cool – I loved it. He used the same overlay every time – here’s where you get the chance to check the short clip he sent me:

I suggested that next time he could make the most of this amazing feature and maybe use the Green Screen too – further adding to the attraction’s appeal.

Video Flip Creator v7 – New Release

I am very happy to announce that we have released the new Video Flip Creator v7. after a successful beta you can now download the v7 from our Flip Book Software page and evaluate our new release.

The change log is:

  • Added an Overlay Window. Now you can load any overlay that you like and create some extra cool flipbooks and videos
  • Unlimited video backgrounds and image backgrounds. Just add them to the background folder and you will see them in the backgrounds list
  • Changed the green screen settings bars to live dragging so when you drag the ramp you will see a live change in the video
  • Added a Custom Card Window in which you will be able to put any image that will replace any frame
  • Removed the version from the main window, you can see it in the about now
  • In load flipbook window you will see the full date and time and not ID and the same for video and folder, now all aligned to the same terminology conventions
  • Support typing in full screen mode (CTRL+F)
  • Other small fixes.

I have also shared a video on how to perfect green screen after I was asked more then once on how to perfect it, check this video:

Green Screen Video Flipbook

Lufthansa’s employees introduced lately to the best attraction in Town the best Flip Book Software callled Video Flip Creator. At this video below you will see how one of our customers from Germany use few cool and uniqe features that we have to execute the best event ever!
1) Green Screen Video Feature – Allow you to switch video background to create the most amazing flipbooks with it.
2) White Labeling (Branding) Feature – View how the software is designed and feel like Michelin software with it’s logo and branding on it.
Ok time to view the FUN:

For more info on this amazing software, visit our Video Flipbook Creator page:

How to Cut Flipbook Efficiently with Martin Yale Cutter

Recently we have found out that some customers haven’t used the Martin Yale Cutting machine that create flibooks at events in the most efficient way.

the key is that you can insert all the pages to the cutting machine all at once. and save much time in creating flip books at events when time is so important. here is a video that demonstrate (at the end) how to ingest the paper to the cutting machine:

hope it will increase your productivity creating flipbooks at event! if it the first time you see it.


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